Camera Down

This happened a little while ago:

I had a weekend long job in SF where I was traveling throughout the city and as well as along Highway 1 to capture photos. During the first night, I dropped my camera (d810), prism first, onto carpeted ground. It actually fell out of my bag.

It shot fine, but what I didn't know was that it killed something internally that I was unable to trigger anything flash related on the camera. That includes PC sync, hot shoe and built in flash. My extended trip plan was quickly cut short when I was called to fly back to LA for another shoot the next right after the end of the weekend job. Between flying red eye, prep, and shoot the next morning, I didn't figure out nor realize the fault with the camera body.

Fast forward to next day.  After my assistant and I setup everything (lights/backgrounds/etc), I went ahead with testing light. That's when I realized the drop from 2 days before killed the camera's flash system entirely and I had no way of firing the strobes I had setup. I contemplated on shooting available light, and was going to, but then realized I still have the X100T with the 50mm adapter lens in my bag from the previous weekend.  I never really used the X100T on a job like this, so it obviously wasn't my first choice.  I tested the trigger and lights with it (TCL-X100, exposure preview off, external flash on, manual mode) and it fired and worked well.

The colors were great and the camera was a conversation piece during the shoot. The subject took note on how retro the camera look, which in a short shoot is very valuable to establish rapport and have a conversation.

I was really glad I had the X100T, and it held up really well in that time of need with excellent results to show.  At the time of this post, the X100T is under rebate, 200USD off.  Being a closed system, it's impossible to overspend or give in to GAS.

Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez

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